Young the Giant: A California group that enjoys playing songs while at the beach. We know, shocking.

Editor’s Note: We’ve teamed up with and its network of bloggers to help preview every musical act at Lollapalooza. We’ve been assigned to write about six performers at the early August music festival in Grant Park. Unlike when Man Up Chicago usually writes about music, these articles aren’t necessarily endorsements of the musical acts. We’re simply helping take on the massive task of previewing everyone who is performing at Lollapalooza.

Artist: Young the Giant
When they are Playing: 1 pm on Friday, August 5 at the Bud Light stage (they are also playing a show at 10 pm that night at Subterranean).

Young the Giant lead singer Sameer Gadhia.

3 Reasons Why You Should See Them
Because their music could put you in a good mood: Young the Giant has described its sound as “eternal summer,” which seems like the exact thing some people might want to hear at a summer music festival (not surprisingly, the band is from California). Young the Giant’s most popular track to date is “My Body,” which features a rousing chorus that should sound pretty damn good in an outdoor music festival setting. 

(Quick aside: Our music-picking strategy at festivals is to side with bands whose songs have energy and keep audiences feeling excited. Seeing too many good-for-chilling-out musical acts at a festival is like sitting on your couch after work and then trying to go the gym. You run a high risk of staying stagnant and never getting off the cushion, or in the case of a festival, you run a risk of plopping on the grass and drinking wine out of a thermos all day.)

They have more than just one good song: Young the Giant is composed of several college-age guys, so they haven’t had time to create a huge catalog of music. Luckily, most of the songs off their debut album have potential to get concert-goers excited during the early hours of Lollapalooza. Check out “Cough Syrup” and “12 Fingers” for further proof. Or watch them perform “The Apartment” on one of our favorite British shows (besides the original Skins), Later with Jools Holland (clip is at the bottom of the post).

They are a melting pot: According to Young the Giant’s bio page, the members of the band have Indian, Persian, British and French-Canadian roots. Lead singer Sameer Gadhia is a first-generation Indian American. And there are other first-generation Americans in the Young the Giant. Yet this group of ethnically diverse young men sound exactly like a prototypical American indie rock band. We find this much more culturally interesting than say, when a Hasidic Jewish man from White Plains, NY sings reggae.

And 2 Reasons Not to See Young the Giant
You agree with 15-percent or more of this damning review from Pitchfork: We understand how polarizing some of Pitchfork’s content can be. We also understand where they are coming from when they call Young the Giant “corporate indie.” They aren’t the most unique-sounding group you’ll hear, and if you confused them with say, The Airborne Toxic Effect, we wouldn’t be surprised. Young the Giant is not going to blow you away with originality.

Just in case you forgot: Young the Giant is from California, so they really like hanging out near the ocean.

You prefer music for an enternal winter: As we mentioned, Young the Giant describes their sound as “endless summer.” But if you’re from the Midwest, or have a Midwestern soul, you might gravitate towards music that has rust-belt appeal, downtrodden sounds, and actual grit. There isn’t a whole lot of grit in “endless summer” music, whether you’re talking about Jason Mraz, Young the Giant or anyone else who can’t stop playing acoustic guitars near the ocean. If you want a band that gets a little grimy when belting out their tunes, and if you want music that makes you feel more dirty than happy, we suggest staying a few hundred yards from Young the Giant.

Who we recommend seeing at 1 pm on Friday during Lollapalooza: The Vaccines. But this would be a tough decision. We enjoy the Vaccines’ song “Post Break-Up Sex.” and we like British bands with a ridiculous amount of hype across the pond (even if they don’t totally deserve all the hype). But Young the Giant should be good, too. Either way, both bands present very good reasons to get to Lollapalooza early on Friday. The 1 pm slot hasn’t always been this exciting in years past.