Sir and Madame Weekender Bag

The Sir & Madame weekender bag ($210) in navy. Perfect for the guy who can't pass up a spontaneous, weekend vacation.

When done right, there’s hardly a cooler piece of luggage than the weekender bag. Unlike say, utilitarian luggage with an extendo-handle and wheels, the weekender is a complementary accessory  that looks carefree. It’s a bag that speaks volumes: it’s the international symbol of the spontaneous trip; it proudly announces that there is no beach-house-vacation invitation you’ll turn down (unless the invitation was sent by the Madoff family). And during the worst of times, it signals you’ve been temporarily booted from your home for actions detrimental to your marriage.

Sir and Madame white weekender bag

The cream-colored weekender bag from Sir & Madame.

And therein lies the problem with completely endorsing a weekender bag: it’s great for men who can take mini-vacations (or forced a leave-of-absences from their marriage) on a whim, but sort of superfluous for guys who don’t leave town every other weekend. And when you start talking about weekender bags that are pushing a four-figure price tag, it’s an accessory that’s tough to justify. Luckily Sir & Madame — a Ukie Village store that manufacturers its own line of apparel and accessories — just made the weekender bag a bit more justifiable.

Modestly priced at $210, the new line of weekender bags from Sir & Madame are simple and snazzy. Made from canvas and leather, these getaway bags will make you look like a Hamptons (err, Grand Haven) regular, and set you apart from fellow vacationers toting brand-name luggage. The weekender bag comes in navy and cream, and are part of Sir & Madame’s new Wartime Collection that will be available in May. (The collection also includes a backpack ($300) and portfolio case ($150), both pictured below.) Again, we won’t say the Sir & Madame weekender bag is a must buy, but it’s also not a bad investment. After all, it’s great for spur-of-the-moment vacations, so by definition, it’s not something you’ll need until a few hours before you actually do.

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Sir & Madame's backpack and portfolio from their Wartime Collection

Sir & Madame's backpack ($300) and portfolio ($150) from their Wartime Collection