89.3 WNUR Chicago Jack SummitNeed an excuse to pull an all nighter so you can be first in line to cast your votes on Tuesday? Then proceed directly to SmartBar this Presidents Day for 89.3 WNUR’s fourth annual Chicago Jack Summit, which goes from 10 PM to 4 AM. A five dollar donation to WNUR — a commercial-free, listener funded radio station that started in 1950 — will get you in the door and expose your eardrums to big beats from Chicago House DJ’s. One of the Jack Summit disc jockey’s who’ll be spinning is DJ Sangre, who also hosts WNUR’s “The Fringe” radio show every Monday night. We caught up with him to talk about Chicago House, the upcoming SmartBar event, and of course, porn and chicken. 

You’re hosting the Chicago Jack Summit for WNUR at SmartBar. It’s going to be broadcast live. Besides extreme technical difficulties or no one showing up, the worst thing that can happen is: We get too drunk to work the transmitter.

I think I might stay home and listen to this broadcast. Tell me why I should attend the event instead of just listening to it from my apartment: Bigger speakers. Like, really big. SmartBar has a Funktion One sound system, of which there are only a handful in the nation. The bass will make your unborn children cry. Also, we’re raffling off an iPad…

In three sentences, tell me why House music is still relevant: House music is the root of all current pop music. Every Lady Gaga, Kesha, and Madonna track is modeled on the house that was born in the 80’s Black gay clubs in Chicago. That’s why.
In one sentence, describe Chicago’s House scene in 2011: A shadow of its former glory, but still kickin’ hard.

For the person who is open to all types of music, but doesn’t pay attention to House, what current House artist should they start paying attention to? What track should they download immediately? It’s not so much an artist as it is a DJ. Find any mix by Derrick Carter. He is still — in my opinion — the best DJ in this genre.

You’ve DJ’d at EvilOlive’s Monday night Porn N’ Chicken party. What was the best part:, the porn, the chicken, the music, or something else? The boobs. There were a lot of boobs. And I’m not talking about the ones in the porn that was showing on the plasma screens.

Outside of SmartBar’s events and perhaps EvilOlive’s Porn N’ Chicken night, where is the best House music party in Chicago no one really knows about? Hands down it’s Boom Boom Room. It’s the longest running night in the city. It’s been going every Monday night for almost 20 years. It used to be at Red Dog in Wicker Park, but now it’s at the Green Dolphin. Always a good vibe and kickin’ tunes.