vintage super 8 camera

A Super 8 camera in the Artefacto booth at the Vintage Bazaar.

This past Saturday we visited the Vintage Bazaar, which popped up in Lincoln Square over the weekend and held court in the Dank Haus. If your not familiar with the Vintage Bazaar, the concept is pretty simple: it’s a pop-up flea market filled with local sellers of vintage goods. Cool stuff, not just a bunch of old crap. Katherine Raz and Libby Alexander are the proprietors of the event, and they were kind enough to let us into the Vintage Bazaar a little early before the masses came and began consuming. Our mission was to find five vintage items that men would enjoy. We have no idea if these items sold over the weekend — we recommend inquiring with the vendor about availability. Links to the vendor’s website are below. Let the bachelor pad antiquing begin:

100 year old vintage butcher knife

1. A butcher knife from Manly Vintage. $50. Said to be about 100 years old. Almost old enough to help you live out the dream of the 1890’s.


2. A vintage black globe from Opendoor Studio. $65. How vintage is it? We’re not sure. Probably not old enough to have the words “Ottoman Empire” printed on it. We dig it because it’s black. Perhaps it’s actually a post-apocalyptic globe, created during a time when BP and Exxon turn our oceans black with oil. We’re pretty sure that’s documented in Revelations.


3. This poster is so much more useful than “Keep Calm and Carry On.” $65. From Take 2 Vintage.


1960s  Mad men ice bucket

4. An old-school ice bucket with penguins on it. Perfect for your upcoming Mad Men season five premiere party. $30. From Artefacto.


5. Old Cameras. They decorate book shelves much better than actual books. Revere Eyematic 8mm (on left) $35, Polaroid (on right) $45. From Jenstyle Chic Vintage.