Justin Timberlake in Tom Ford Tuxedo at the Oscars

If you have $4,000 or more to spend, Tom Ford will make you a tuxedo like the one Justin Timberlake wore at the Oscars.

The ladies get most the fashion jeers and huzzahs after the Oscar’s, but for style-minded men, the Academy Awards is the event that will get you talking about tuxes. We thought Justin Timberlake had the best tux (and so did Esquire). Those big lapels, which we don’t recommend for a suit (suits should be a little more subdued), were attention getters. And when you wear a tuxedo, you want some attention.  But let’s be clear: Timberlake’s tuxedo, by Tom Ford, would probably cost mortals somewhere around $4,000. Maybe more. We’re guessing Timberlake got his at a steep discount, perhaps at the much desired price of Free Ninety-Nine.

Many publications for men will insist you own a tuxedo. We do not insist on it, unless you find yourself going to a couple black-tie events each year. In Chicago there is no shortage of galas and such that require formal attire, but we’re guessing you already know if these are the type of social situations you might find yourself in. If you do don a tuxedo on regular basis, then you should buy your own and not constantly rent one. Renting in this instance is dumb, both from a fiscal and sartorial perspective.

For those that truly want to own a tuxedo, but don’t want to spend around $1,000 on just the jacket and pants alone (which is a pretty common price point), there are some more affordable and stylish options. H&M makes a tuxedo, and while we couldn’t find it online (shocking), we’ve seen it in stores. It’s around $350. You can also grab a new and good-looking outfit at J. Crew between $500 and $700, depending on which jacket-and-pants combination you go for. There’s also several places in Chicago that have custom-made tuxedos that costaround $1,000 (Nicholas Joseph in River North comes to mind). Obviously, $1,000 is expensive for most people, but custom made always costs extra, and when the absolute perfect fit is extremely essential, bespoke might be your best option.

We’ll certainly discuss more about fashion and tuxedos in the future. But for now, we’ll leave you with an image of Jennifer Lawrence, our pick for best actress, best Oscar night curves, and best up-and-coming starlet we’d want to sit next to if we were an Academy Awards seat filler.

Jennifer Lawrence Red Dress

Jennifer Lawrence: The woman who should have won best actress. The woman who did win best curves.