Sahara Smith

Sahara Smith: A voice and face you should get to know.

No reason to bury the lead here: Sahara Smith is damn sexy. Those alluring eyes will spark lust in the soul of the most moral man. But Smith isn’t the next model Kanye West will be obsessing about or the next “it” starlet of the Sundance Film festival (that would Mary Kate and Ashley’s little sis). Smith, from Austin, is a bona fide crooner, straight out the school of T-Bone Burnett. Which means she sings that gritty, gorgeous kind of country that you don’t get at the CMA’s.

Her debut album, Myth of the Heart, came out this past summer. She’s only 22, but unlike many female singers her age, her voice is sultry and her lyrics soulful. No kid stuff here — her first single “The Real Thing” features the lyrics, “I got this crazy idea, woah and its burnin up inside me/ I got this crazy idea, noo it’s goin’ to untie me/ I wanna drive all night and wake up with your warm skin.” Bless Taylor Swift’s celeb-dating heart, but Sahara’s lyrics makes Swift’s seem like the diary entries of a middle schooler (which totally works for Swift — even though she’s about two more publicized breakups from turning into Alanis Morisette). 

I insist you watch and listen Sahara Smith — who draws inspiration from Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen — in the video below. Then go buy tickets to see her perform at the always delightful Schubas. She’ll be there on Saturday night, Febuary 5th. Tickets are $10. This is probably your last chance to see her extremely up close, and most likely, the last time she’ll actually hear your “Marry me Sahara!” shouts in between songs. I doubt she’ll say yes, but I bet she’ll at least smile, which will be worth telling your grandkids one day.