Black Joe Lewis and The Honeybears Double Door Chicago

Black Joe Lewis performed a sold out show at the Double Door on April 2. One of those in attendance was Rahm Emanuel.

Rahm Emanuel: The Mayor of Booty City
If it’s true that Rahm Emanuel was at the Double Door Saturday night for the Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears concert, we can only hope he was cutting a rug as intensely as everyone else in attendance. The Double Door and Do312.com both tweeted that Emanuel was taking in the sold out show (which we wrote about a few weeks back in a Chicago concert preview post). Unfortunately we didn’t see those tweets during the concerts, since checking our Twitter feed during Black Joe’s performance would have been sacrilegious, especially when legendary Chicago blues saxophonist Eddie Shaw came on stage for a few songs. The crowd was won over by the band’s aggressively funky blues — the tempo never dipped below fourth gear and the band hit harder than the Mohamed Ali punches that were projected onto a screen on the back of the stage.

If it’s also true that Emanuel got there for the concert’s opening act, Those Darlings, then we’d have to believe the mayor-elect appreciated the nervy ladies who were provocative without pandering. The Tennessee group, which consists of three girls and a male drummer, has a sound that’s cross between country and punk — it’s playful, occasionally tender and almost always raucous. Those Darlins finished their performance with a ballsy rendition of their punk party anthem “Funstix Party.” The song featured Jessi Darlin — the group’s de facto lead singer — belting out the lyrics “I’ll bring the pussy, you bring the dick!” in her twangy snarl. It’s the type of lyric that would make most stodgy politicians blush, but probably made Chicago’s soon-to-be mayor feel right at home. And if a Funstix Festival is added to the long list of Chicago’s summer soirees, we’ll have a pretty good idea where the inspiration came from.