ObamaAs a nation of journalists, copy editors and others in print media watch articles get (rightfully) bumped from the front page, we too will scrap the articles we’ve been working on to comment on the only story that matters. Some thoughts:

One World Trade Center Construction

The construction of One World Trade Center in Manhattan

-The headline to this article is something Don Draper said in an episode of “Mad Men.” And yes, it’s fair to be skeptical of the timing of poll-boosting events. Even if we think Obama deserved to catch a break, and even if the U.S. needed this closure.

-And please, someone write an article comparing this to the end of the Iran Hostage Crisis and Reagan’s inauguration. And we are sure there other parallels when it comes conversation-changing news that makes presidential aides high five each other.

-Does anyone feel like counting the amount Osama bin Laden Twitter accounts that exist? There are a ton. Also, this is about as close as we’ll ever get to finding out what it would have been like to experience 9/11 via Twitter.

-To all the obituary writers who wrote bin Laden’s obit sometime in late September of 2001, may your masterpiece now be seen by all eyes. You must be some happy journalists. And hopefully all of you lived to see this day. (Update: apparently one did not — see bottom writing credits.)

-William and Kate: Make the most of the privacy this has granted you. We’re guessing it stays in the news cycle for at least a couple of days.

-This seems like as good of time as any to remind everyone that construction of the new World Trade Center, which is called One World Trade Center, is actually going extremely well. We took a photo of it on a recent trip to NYC. It’s looking good. As is the 9/11 memorial scheduled to open on Sep. 11, 2011. We’re guessing that area just got much busier.

-And of course: