Note: This area of the site is subject to additions and subtractions. We’d say check back frequently for updates, but really, who regularly checks up on FAQ sections?

What is this site about?
There is an entire about section, but to summarize:  This site is about Chicago-related people, places and things that Chicago men might be interested in.

So this site is only for men?
No, this site is for anyone. Man Up Chicago is not some hyper-masculine, misogynistic, men’s only refuge. It is written by men (or perhaps boys) and has a male perspective. Man Up Chicago features articles about things men in Chicago would be interested in. But there’s a decent chance women in Chicago would be interested in the same things. We welcome any gender (real, made up or undiscovered) to read the site and comment on the site.

Is this a site for people visiting Chicago?
It could be, but that’s not its main intention. The site is written by Chicagoans for Chicagoans. We assume our audience lives here. We reference things that Chicagoans would be familiar with. We aren’t going to explain certain Chicago-related things in detail so that it’s easier for a non-Chicago audience to understand. We aren’t trying to be elitists (okay – sometimes we are elitists, but it has nothing to do with living here) and we welcome readers from areas outside of Chicago. So if you have questions about something we wrote about, just ask.

What’s the difference between a blog and online magazine? This looks like blog, so is it?
We don’t really have an answer for these kinds of questions. Nor do we care too much about labels. If you think this is a blog, and you call this site a blog, that’s fine. Man Up Chicago is called an online magazine because our goal is to eventually be an actual print magazine, or at least an iPad App that looks like a magazine. To believe is to achieve! Or something. Anyway, call us whatever you’d like.

Will your site feature listings?

No. That’s not one of our goals. There are many Chicago websites that list concerts, parties, drink specials, etc. Many of those sites are very good and there is no reason to compete with them. When we do write about events, we try to find ones that we find interesting.

Who writes Man Up Chicago?

For all intents and purposes, Man Up Chicago is written by Mark Rumble, a journalist who has lived in Chicago since 2002. While it’s doubtful you’ve seen his work, Rumble has written for various online and print magazines, most notably CS magazine, CS Interiors and The Men’s Book. We (and he) isn’t really into long-winded staff bios. If you have any questions for him, just send an email to mark@manupchicago.com. He’ll gladly answer most questions.

Since it’s mainly one person writing this, why do you always write “we” in your copy when you refer to the site?
The “we” is used in the editorial sense. If you truly care about the “editorial we,” please read about it, but honestly, it ain’t that interesting.

Can I submit story ideas and press releases to you?
Definitely. We try to seek out things we think are interesting, but it’s hard to omniscient. So yes, please send us relevant ideas and press releases.

How often do you update the site?
Our goal is to post three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Because this is a side project for all involved, sometimes we don’t reach our quota of weekly articles. We also don’t have a set schedule when it comes to what we write about. Perhaps we will in the future. For now, we do our best to have three articles a week about topics we find relevant.

So you don’t have an editorial calendar, right?
Not right now. We plan to have more structure in the future, but right now, we write when we can.

There seems to be articles on your site that really have nothing to do with Chicago….
Yes, there are. We try to present a Chicago angle to all our articles, even if the main subject seems to have nothing to do with Chicago. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t. We’ll keep trying to find the right balance.