Gentleman's Boombox Dose Market

The Gentleman's Boombox is just one of the many items for guys at this weekend's inaugural Dose Market.

Trying to keep up with Chicago’s street festival and outdoor market circuit can cause brain cramps, or at least rampant indifference. You’ve seen one beer tent or gourmet crepe stand, you’ve seen them all. But sometimes — okay, rarely — something new comes along that isn’t redundant. And this summer that new, non-redundant thing is the Dose Market. To be clear, Dose isn’t a summer thing, nor a festival thing. It’s a monthly indoor market that happens to be starting this June — Sunday, June 5th to be exact. It’s described as a “European-style monthly food and fashion market,” (don’t worry, clothes are sized in inches, food is weighed in ounces and pounds) and it features quality Chicago-based retailers.

Now for guys that think a “European-style food and fashion market” is code for “sundress and cupcake expo,” we suggest you reconsider. Dose Market offers some great guy stuff. But don’t take our word for it. Take Jessica Herman’s. She is one of the founders of the market, and Jessica was kind enough to give us…

Five reasons guys can look forward to Dose Market:

1. “Pocket squares and ties with prints like shotguns and cutlery by Artfully Disheveled.”

2. “Rad vintage suitcases converted into functional boomboxes, courtesy of Gentleman’s Boombox.”

3. “Custom shirts by Apartment Number 9. One great shirt is really all you need.” (Editors note: unless that “great” shirt features a bunch of embroidery or artful stitching. You don’t need that one.)

4. “Vintage tees from Sofia.”

5.Charcuterie by Old Town Social chef Jared Van Camp. Manly men like their cured meats.”

Artfully Disheveled Outlaw Pocket Square

The Outlaw pocket square from Artfully Disheveled.

The Dose Market costs $10 to enter, $8 if you buy advanced tickets. We know, forking over money to enter markets and festivals isn’t exactly how you want to spend your cash. At least when you go into markets and festivals blind. Which is why we wanted Jessica to provide a few reasons to go to Dose. We find it much easier to pay the entrance fee when there’s a good chance something inside will catch our eye. So, ready to go to Dose Market? Here are the essentials:

Finally, if you want to hear Jessica talk about Dose a little more, check out her interview on WLUW’s radio show “Outside the Loop.” She’s the first interview, and for those interested in hearing an interview with Man Up Chicago, we’re featured at the end show. Yeah, the caboose. Better than a pump car, which is where we usually are.