Look what Denny's has done with bacon. They've officially destroyed its cool-kids cred.


Denny's Maple Bacon Sundae, from the Theimpulsivebuy.com

The bacon-ification of America continues, and if you are one the few still on the bacon bandwagon, we believe it’s time to get off.  Bacon’s days of being buzz worthy are over. This has been said before, specifically in 2009 in Seattle’s “The Stranger.” Back then, the end days of bacon’s coolness seemed more hypothesis than fact. But now, it’s undoubtedly fact. Why? Because Denny’s — the Walmart of food chains — just unveiled a whole marketing campaign and menu that revolves around bacon. One menu item is a Maple Bacon Sundae. Which means just like all the cool Chicago restaurants, Denny’s is putting bacon in places you wouldn’t expect. Which means it’s official: The bacon craze has went mainstream. This is your parents listening to Mumford & Sons, your favorite indie designer doing a line of clothes for Target.

Make no mistake, bacon’s days of being in the “cool kids” crowd was quite fun. In the late Aughts, bacon became every ones favorite muse: from cocktail makers to chefs. It was a foodie phenomenon. Greasy bacon bits and actual bacon grease showed up in cocktails, ice cream, cupcakes, popcorn, chocolate, and mayonnaise. Bacon even became popular with the crafting set. Squiggly drawings of bacon were anthropomorphized on t-shirts and greeting cards. Bacon fans were able to declare their love on underwear. And it was understandable: As the saying goes, bacon makes everything taste better, and apparently, look better too.

Non-edible (thankfully), bacon underwear.

But then came bacon’s populism pièce de résistance: Denny’s maple bacon sundae. Yeah, putting bacon in desserts is no longer just for the foodie set. It’s for Uncle Earl and Cousin Rita. It’s for hungover college kids and cross country truckers. That sound you heard? It’s a pig jumping a shark, and then that same pig squealing loudly as the shark takes a bite out its belly. Because even sharks know: just because bacon-flavored and infused stuff ain’t cool anymore, doesn’t mean bacon is any less delicious.