Chicago's Best Christmas Card

Our favorite Chicago-themed holiday card. Made by Rhymes with Twee.

Holiday cards. You already should have sent them. Alas, more pressing items might have gotten in the way. Like watching completely unwatchable Monday and Thursday night NFL games. Or debating whether or not to shave your Movember mustache.

Luckily, mail still travels fast. At least fast enough to reach your friends in the continental United States. Friends in foreign lands? will do just fine.

Now you just need the perfect holiday card. And let’s say you’re the type of person who does not want to send a custom card that features a picture of you or a photo containing Elaine Benes’ nipple. So we suggest sending out something that represents the city you live in.

You can probably find some hokey Chicago holiday card in some categorically cheese-ball store downtown. But for our money, the best Chicago-themed holiday cards are made by Chicagoan Leigh Kelsey, owner of Rhymes with Twee. She offers two different cards, both on white stock paper, both containing blue line drawings of iconic Chicago landmarks with red Chicago star snowflakes. Our favorite is her card featuring the Sears (or Willis) Tower (pictured at the top of the post), although her card with the Millennium Park Bean that says “It’s Bean a Great Year” inside is pretty good too. Even during years that are not so great.

Both sets of cards can be ordered at Rhymes with Twee’s Etsy Shop. A set of five costs $12. And for fans of the movie The Room, Rhymes with Twee makes Tommy Wiseau Christmas cards that say “Wiseau You a Merry Christmas.” If you send those to your parents, they won’t get it, but then you’ll have an excuse to make the whole family watch The Room over Christmas. Tommy Wiseau’s ass is the definition of holiday cheer.