Skeleton Pirate Salt and Pepper shaker

Manly gifts for your dining room table. Sprinkle some salt and pepper on your rib-eye before gnawing on the bone.

The Man Up Chicago gift guide is beginning a little bit late. Like most men, it’s difficult for us to really start holiday shopping before December, and therefore, it’s difficult for us to compile a gift guide months before the holidays. We make no apologies for this.

We also don’t apologize that our gift guide is really not a gift guide. It’s more like a “gifts you’d want someone to buy you” guide. Chances are if you like what we are featuring, it’s because you want it, not because you want to give it to someone. Don’t feel guilty about this.

Most of the items we’re including are for men, but for those shopping for a special lady friend, there will be a few gift-guide articles devoted to buying presents for her. Of course, the best advice we have for buying gifts for a woman is this: pay attention to her. If you’ve been doing that, then surely you’ll be able to figure out what gift(s) to buy her. (And if you’re buying her jewelry, check out our article about purchasing jewelry for a significant other.)Finally, our gift guide will feature items that are, for the most part, available in Chicago stores. The items will range from high to low in price, so whatever part of the 99-percent you fall in, there should be something for you. For the 1-percenters, well, we really have no idea what kinds of gifts you buy. An NBA franchise? A two-bedroom condo in the Spire that’ll be completed in 2025? Just a Lexus? Email us what you actually buy and we’ll include it in next year’s guide.

The Man Up Chicago Gift Guide Roll Call (keep checking back for updates):