For 2012 we’re starting something a little new, at least, new for Man Up Chicago. During most weekday mornings, we’ll feature a few links of things we like on the Internet. We’ll try to have a few national things and a few local things. We call our morning link roundup the Man Up Chicago Morning Glory.

  • The above video is of an A Capella mashup of Bon Jovi and Bon Iver. It’s called Bon Joviver. We figured it’d be just okay. And as in most cases, we were tremendously wrong. (via YouTube)
  • A long read about the solo project form The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn. Two reasons to root for his album:
    (1) Finn’s joyous enthusiasm during live shows is the purest, coolest, and most infectious emotional display we’ve ever seen at a concert. (2) Finn’s new album is named “Clear Heart Full Eyes,” a title a rearranged mantra from one of the greatest television shows this century, Friday Night Lights. (via Grantland)
  • A recent article about Lana Del Rey that doesn’t mention her SNL performance, but does include a photo of her with a cat. Thank god for both. Nicely done Time Out Chicago. (via Time Out Chicago)