Alderman Moreno 1st Ward Party at V-LiveWe aren’t here to tell you who to vote for, or even guilt you into voting. But we are always curious about alderman-ass-shaking events and other election parties. Like this super Tuesday party in Chicago’s 1st Ward: Alderman Moreno’s election night event at V-Live. Now, you won’t usually find Man Up Chicago writing about Chicago mega clubs that boast about bottle service, VIP guest lists, and a “trendy club attire” dress code, all of which you’ll find at V Live. But pardon us for finding it pretty fascinating that the current Alderman of the 1st Ward, Proco “Joe” Moreno is having an election party at V-Live, and it features open-bar. Although like most open-bar events, we’re guessing shots are extra. Plus it’s Tuesday, so there’s really no reason to drink shots. Unless you’re a Wisconsin state senator hiding out in Chicago. Then drink all the shots you want — you’re on vacation!

Know of any election night parties? Put them in the comments below.