About Man Up Chicago

Man Up Chicago is a web-based lifestyle magazine for Chicago men. What does that mean? If you’re a guy living in or around Chicago, you’ll probably be interested in some of articles on Man Up Chicago, because they are about the people, places and things that make this city great (or sometimes, not so great).

Man Up Chicago was started because I believe that with the exception of New York, Chicago offers more to do and see than any other city in America. Yet many guys who live here stop being adventurous. It’s fine if you like that Chicago can have a small-town feel, but don’t pretend that Chicago is actually small. If you live here, you have options, and you’re doing yourself a disservice if you aren’t exploring those options while finding interesting places, people and ideas along the way. That being said, Man Up Chicago isn’t always concerned with the newest things in Chicago. New doesn’t always mean good. There are plenty of great things here that have been around for some time, and maybe you just never heard of them. Of course, there will be some newness here, because new is often exciting, at least for the first month.

Man Up Chicago is essentially about nouns: people, places and things. It’s not just about buying stuff and going to places, but it’s about knowing the people who live here, people who are doing cool things, great things, little things, and big things that you might want to know about.

Man Up Chicago will have articles concerning things that could make your life better, but this is not a how-to guide, and I’m not a manliness guru that guarantees I’ll help you look more attractive, become a financial success and get people into bed. My goal is to eventually have contributors to Man Up who know what they’re talking about when it comes to fatherhood, politics, real estate, finance, dating and the many other things that men are concerned about. Right now, you’re stuck with me. And unfortunately, I’m not an expert in many categories. I’m just really curious and interested in passing along information.

Man Up Chicago is not concerned with labels. Perhaps business-wise and audience-wise it’d be better if this was a niche publication, but I don’t think most guys can be pigeon-holed into one category. The articles won’t be overly presumptuous. If something is expensive, I won’t pretend all guys can afford it. If something is good and cheap, I won’t assume it should be for everyone, and that anyone who doesn’t like it must be a rich snob. I won’t say that anything is of dire importance, because what is a main concern of one is not a main concern of all. And because I have a hard time taking anything too seriously, Man Up Chicago will have a sense of humor about itself and all its topics. Very few subjects in life are above being made fun of.

Finally, Man Up Chicago welcomes comments, criticism and duel challenges. Because there will certainly be times when someone needs to tell Man Up Chicago to man up.